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FlusserWiki is an evolving multi-lingual glossary of Flusserian concepts, ideas and terms. It exists to provide a place for Flusserians to elucidate and discuss Vilém Flussers particular language choices in his writing and recordings, particularly with regard to supporting translation.

FlusserWiki also exists to collect and connect important references, including literary sources, friends, collaborators and contemporary authors of relevance to Flusser scholarship, building common reference lists to Flusser sources, and the Flusser Video Collection.

The whole Flusserian community is invited to make an account and join in editing existing articles and creating new ones.


Bernd Wingert

leader of the Flusser Hypertext project at the KFZ Karlsruhe (today's KIT). Worked intensively with Flusser adapting his lecture to the new presentation / publication technology. Together they explored all the possibilities provided by Apple HyperCard not only for novel ways of moving through the lecture but also the new possibilities for thinking made available through the technology. Wingert continued working on the Hypertext for over a decade after Flusser's unexpected death, He collaborated actively in the reproduction of the Hypertext emulation for presentation in the BODENLOS series of exhibitions and has written several short essays about the project.

Flusser hören –lesen –studieren. Der "Flusser-Hypertext" –von der Nachgeschichte zur Vorgeschichte in FLUSSER STUDIES 24

Schreiben für Publizieren Ein Hypertext-Experiment mit einem Flusser-Text KUNSTFORUM International Bd. 117 Beiträge zum Tode von Vilém Flusser S. 109 - 110

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