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Flusser Quellen

The Flusser Quellen [Flusser Sources] were initially to be published as volume 1 of Edition Flusser by European Photography Verlag. However, in 2002 the almost finished book, also planned as CD-ROM, was not published. In 2017, the Vilém Flusser Archive made the book project available to the public online as part of Flusser Studies 24, with thanks to Klaus Sander and Andreas Müller-Pohle for their approval.

Klaus Sander, Flusser-Quellen, Eine kommentierte Bibliografie Vilém Flussers von 1960–2002 [Flusser Sources. An annotated bibliography of Vilém Flusser from 1960-2002], with an introduction by the Vilém Flusser Archiv, October 2017, 264 pages, published in Flusser Studies 24 - Archiving Flusser , December 2017, ed. by Rainer Guldin and Steffi Winkler

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