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Flusseriana (2015)

Flusseriana. An Intellectual Toolbox, English / German / Portuguese, Minneapolis 2015, edited by Siegfried Zielinski and Peter Weibel with Daniel Irrgang in collaboration with Monaí de Paula Antunes and Norval Baitello, Jr. and published by ZKM and Univocal Jason Wagner Drew S. Burk as part of the exhibition BODENLOS: Vilém Flusser and the Arts , curated by Siegfried Zielinski and Baruch Gottlieb with Peter Weibel.



Siegfried Zielinski / Peter Weibel, Introduction / Einleitung / Introdução. Flusseriana – An Intellectual Toolbox / ein intellektueller Werkzeugkasten / Uma Caixa de Ferramentas Intelectual, pp. 6-27

Glossary Texts A–Z

Glossary Texts / Glossartexte / Textos do Glossário A–Z, pp. 38-449

Vilém Flusser: A Biography

Daniel Irrgang and Marcel René Marburger, Vilém Flusser: A Biography / Eine Biografie / Uma Biografia, pp. 452-519

Bibliography Vilém Flusser


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