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Baruch Gottlieb

Interdisciplinary artist, curator and thinker did his bachelor degree in cinema production, worked extensively in community radio, music, dance and theater, eventually doing his dissertation under Siegfried Zielinski on the generation of images at the nano-scale, published as “A Political Economy of the Smallest Things” (2014 ATROPOS).

In 2008, he was given the task of digitizing all the VHS tapes at the Flusser Archive, in part this was in preparation for what became the DVD “We Shall Survive in the Memory of Others”. Gottlieb led this project, performed, organized and oversaw the transcription, translation and subtitling of the contents into 7 languages.

In 2012 he began, with Siegfried Zielinski the preliminary planning for what eventually became the exhibition “BODENLOS Vilém Flusser and the Arts”. Gottlieb developed and oversaw the production of the exhibition, including the restoration of the two computer-based projects "die Schrift“ and ”Hypertext“, restoration, and reworking of Louis Bec's diagrams and speculative videos,the rediscovery, restoration, transcription, subtitling and presentation of “Les Gestes du Professeur”, a video collaboration with Fred Forest as well as presentations of Flusser's Casa da Cor project. This exhibition has so far had 4 presentations: 1. ZKM Karlsruhe 2. AdK Berlin 3. West Den Haag 4. GAMU Prague

In 2019 Gottlieb and Steffi Winkler founded Flusser Club e.V. an organization dedicated to the Flusserian community and which, among other things, generated this wiki.

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