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Fred Forest

Video artist and sociological artist, is an important artistic collaborator of Vilém Flusser. Shortly after the Flussers moved back permanently to Europe in 1972, Forest was introduced to Forest through one of his first important European contacts Rene Berger. Forest had already been experimenting intensively with what was at the time see to be a revolutionary development in image technology, portable video. In Forest, Flusser found an inspiring and inspired collaborator who shared an appreciation for the radical potential of video for thinking.

Forest and Flusser produced a series of videos called “Phenomenology & Video” where Flusser appears before the camera, not merely in order to record a lecture, but to explore the capacities of the video technology to practice thinking as an embodied and intersubjective practice, as he was articulating in his texts on “Gestures”. One video issuing from this process called “Les Gestes du Professeur” provides a use case for the research agenda Flusser returns to frequently, understanding the Crisis of Linearity, to generate new forms of thinking through technical images which can be adequate to grasp our situation.


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