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Andrés Franco Harnache

Andrés Franco Harnache is a writer, photographer and a PhD Fellow in Comparative Literature at UCLouvain (Belgium) under the supervision of Anne Reverseau. He is part of the research project financed by the European Research Council: HANDLING ( His research focuses on the influence of the photographic apparatus in contemporary Francophone, Hispanic and Anglophone literature. His most recent publication, “Barthes (spectateur) et Guibert (opérateur): Des gestes photographiques comme gestes d’écriture chez l’écrivain photographe”, Textimage (2023) and “Mostrar, no decir: The Influence and Resistance of Workshop poetics on the Hispanic Literary Field” in the volume Writing Manuals for the Masses: The Rise of the Literary Advice Industry from Quill to Keyboard (2021), further illustrates some of his research themes.
E-mail: andres.franco[at] / andfra[at]

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