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FlusserWiki is an evolving multi-lingual glossary of Flusserian concepts, ideas and terms. It exists to provide a place for Flusserians to elucidate and discuss Vilém Flussers particular language choices in his writing and recordings, particularly with regard to supporting translation.

FlusserWiki also exists to collect and connect important references, including literary sources, friends, collaborators and contemporary authors of relevance to Flusser scholarship, building common reference lists to Flusser sources, and the Flusser Video Collection.

The whole Flusserian community is invited to make an account and join in editing existing articles and creating new ones.



Flusser Video Collection

The Flusser Video Collection is a Flusser Club project to make previously out-of-stock or unpublished archival video material available online.

provide Flusser video access and reference list
For a simplified overview and access to existing videos of Flusser lectures and interviews, find the following linked reference list based on the Vilém Flusser Archive Video Index, excluding duplicates, camera versions, very short TV clips and secondary sources, also adding online sources.

iddatevideo titlelengthlanguage
FC_0011974Les gestes du Professeur00:20:00fr
FC_0021986Schlagworte - Schlagbilder00:12:30de
FC_0031988-03-20Krise der Linearität01:33:44de
FC_0041988-03Interview zu Krise der Linearität00:41:27de
FC_0051988-09On writing, complexity and the technical revolutions00:10:30en
FC_0061989-02 – 1989-05Cycle de conferences Ecole d‘Aix en Provence05:58:19fr
FC_0071989-05-22Zu Besuch, HBK Braunschweig00:59:09de
FC_0081990Über die Geschichte der Kultur01:04:12de
FC_0091990Drei Zeitstrukturen02:01:38de
FC_0101990-04-07Television Image and Political Space..00:40:49en
FC_0111990-04-07On religion, memory and synthetic image00:14:28en
FC_0121990-10-29Interview in: Nachlese01:59:47de
FC_0131991-04Interview in: Bücher, Bilder und Computer00:11:05de
FC_0141991-08Vilém Flussers Fluss00:41:13de
FC_0151991-08Human history as TV drama00:24:23en
FC_0161991-10-17On technical images, chance, consciousness..00:47:53en
FC_0171991-11-19Telematik. Verbündelung oder Vernetzung?01:02:02de

Discover the first archive videos available again online in the Flusser Video Collection Vimeo Showcase.

track and access citation details first access to the Flusser video sources served the Video Index of the Vilém Flusser Archive.
With inventory as of 2015, this spreadsheet contains 92 entries mainly on VHS and DVD files and so far few online sources. Assigned to each file are for example file reference codes, genre like lecture, interview or art work, date, length, language, location as well as references to duplicates and versions.

The ID numbers found in the left column of the above video reference list are standardized reference numbers agreed upon with the Vilém Flusser Archive to allow researchers to cite and reference consistently.

collaboratively created and gratefully supported
The Flusser Video Collection on Vimeo is a project realised by the Flusser Club in cooperation with the Vilém Flusser Archive,
thanks to funding by DAAD in cooperation with Fachhochschule Potsdam [University of Applied Sciences Potsdam].

referencing and ongoing collection
Flusser Video Collection is also a category tag1) to assign and list the video materials by Vilém Flusser available online in the Flusser Video Collection on Vimeo since 2021.

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