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On technical images, chance, consciousness and the individual (1991)

This interview was held by Miklós Peternák on October 17, 1991 in Munich. A shorter version of this interview was broadcasted on Hungarian television in 1992.


Flusser discusses the writings in his book “Towards a Philosophy of Photography”. How first linear writing replaced destiny with causality, historical consciousness took the place of magical consciousness. Then the mathematical code came about, the code of science, introducing a consciousness of the now formal, analytical, systematic, structural way of thinking. This way of thinking is ruled by the apparatus. Drawing on his lecture in Budapest the year before, Flusser emphasises the way in which revolution has ceased to be a political event, rather being one that takes in the politics of the technical image and the inversion of the intention of the apparatus.

technical information

Title: On technical images, chance, consciousness and the individual
Method: interview
Location: Munich, Germany
Date: 1991-10-17
Published: 2010
Medium: video
By: Peternák, Miklós
Length: 00:38:00, 00:47:53
Language: German (de)
VFA-Doc: VHS_036, DVD_001/01
Source: Miklós Peternák - all rights reserved



Vilém Flusser, On technical images, chance, consciousness and the individual. nterview by Miklós Peternák in München, the 17th of October 1991. In: Miklós Peternák (Hrsg.), „We shall survive in the memory of others“. Vilém Flusser, Köln 2010 (Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 87min), 38min17s



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