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On writing, complexity and the technical revolutions (1988)

In September 1988, Miklós Peternák interviews Vilém Flusser at the European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück. Flusser takes up the conversation with his impression that one of the most important dimensions of the cultural revolution at that time was being neglected. He puts forth the revolution of thinking in which synthetic images supersede the use of words in communication. The distinction between two forms of complexity, structural and functional, emerge, marking the beginning of a post-historical, structural way of thinking.

technical information

Title: On writing, complexity and the technical revolutions Method: interview
Location: Osnabrück, Germany
Date: 09/01/1988
Medium: video
Filmed by: Peternák, Miklós
Length: 00:10:30
Language: English (en)
VFA-Doc:; DVD_001/03
Source: Miklós Peternák - all rights reserved



Vilém Flusser, On writing, complexity and the technical revolutions. Interview by Miklós Peternák in Osnabrück, European Media Art Festival, September 1988. In: Miklós Peternák (Hrsg.), „We shall survive in the memory of others“. Vilém Flusser, Köln 2010 (Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 87min), 10min30s



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