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Towards Technosophy

RBN 22 - Pro UR Combo - Multiview Functionary. In: Towards Technosophy (2022)

Franziska Kaul

This is my first functionary. As a camera drone who’d been laying in wait for a while, conscious of a new model release on the horizon and my obsolescence looming ahead, I was very excited the program finally selected one for me. In the Pro UR Combo, the RBN 22 comes in a 238,218,208 and 211,211,211 RGB colorway. The hardware covers all the essentials I’m looking for:

  • two video input interfaces with separate on-demand UV-covers
  • bilateral 360° appendages with a set of five grippers and pushers each

After checking is complete, I understood the potential that lies in the singular combination of its rather unobtrusive features. These include, among others, high terrestrial mobility, enhanced tolerance for experimentation, refreshingly low intention of self-documentation and a pre-installed “instruction mode”, which particularly grew on me. In this sub-program, the RBN 22 delegates its control over me to sub-functionaries called “students”, which vary in form, motoric coordination skill and computing power. The multiplicity of viewpoints, diversity in handling and overall high-inclination for error are truly the icing on the cache. Soaring high and low, we play, practice and produce information as programmed. I must point out though, that although the RBN 22 exceeds my expectations, my possibilities are exhausted < 1 %. Meaning: If you’re an apparatus with higher ambitions, you should rather merge with someone who ignores artificial boundaries like privacy law or airspace regulations… but I guess that only comes with functionaries with higher buying power to begin with.

Fotos: the functionary of the drone

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